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Picture the Scene:  A potential client calls your company.  You’re out of the office.  After staying on the telephone while listening to a recording, they hang up and dial your competitor.  You have just witnessed a classic marketing disaster.  This lost client needed your services so much that he attempted to personally contact you!  In the meantime, your precious dollars in advertising, education, training and state-of-the-art equipment continue to be under-utilized.

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Our Mission We are inspired by our Christian faith to love and serve Aberdeen’s business community. Our mission is to provide a safe place where people can be encouraged, equipped and empowered to endure the stresses of professional business life. If you work in Aberdeen’s corporate sector, you already belong to The Business Connection. Please join us at our next event as we ‘seek the peace and prosperity of our city.’

New electricity connectionsNew gas connectionsHome » Energy contracts » New Energy ConnectionsElectricity connections We can provide new electricity connections for existing supply customers and for businesses within the Scottish Hydro and Southern Electric distribution areas. If your application is successful, our experienced advisors will provide you with all the information and support you need from initial enquiry through to the completion of your project. If we already supply any of your existing sites, please provide the MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) or full site address, as this will help us to assess your supply requirements. IMPORTANT – Please note all electricity new connections supplied by SSE will be charged as per our Deemed Contract rates. Where a Current Transformer connection has been requested you will need to complete the panel checklist at the end of the new supply form and also arrange a Meter Operator Contract. Please note that we may charge for meter installation visits where we cannot complete the job if these details have not been completed satisfactorily or if we are unable to gain access to the site. New energy connections form Please complete the new connections form and email it to: Download form Home » Energy contracts » New Energy ConnectionsGas connections If you require a new commercial gas meter installation, meter upgrade, relocation or removal, we can help to arrange the site work you require. Simply email us at with your existing account number, site contact name and telephone number, and description of site work required. You can call us on 0345 070 1265 and speak to our gas site works team. IMPORTANT – Please note all gas new connections supplied by SSE will be subject to a negotiated supply contract.

Way to Make Meaningful Business Connections on LinkedIn

When I meet people I look for any connections we have outside of work. In fact, I purposefully do not ask, “What do you do?” unless they ask me first. Of course, I’m interested but I’d much rather find out something unusual about them. One powerful question to ask is, “What are you most excited about right now?

Meter installations for businessesWe provide meter installations and energy supply contracts for new business premises, or companies moving in to premises that require a change to supply. We help a diverse range of businesses, from large manufacturers who require an effortless, cost-effective process, to major retail businesses looking for on-site advice. Call us on 0333 202 4920 so that we can understand your requirements. Alternatively you can leave your details with us, and one of our agents will be in touch.Request a call backRequest a call backWe offer: Expert advice Tailored solutions – a range of supply contracts to cover tariffs and bespoke contract requirements A full range of electricity and gas metering End-to-end service Account management service What you can expectRead our process chart, which will help you to understand what to expect when you decide to work with us. DownloadDownloadApplication forms and other downloadsWe’ve a selection of documents that you’ll find useful to the process. These include our electricity and gas meter application forms, which will allow us to work out timescales and get a better idea of your needs when we see your project. View downloadsView downloadsNew connectionsWe’ll make sure installing meters is a simple process, and get you connected to a gas or electricity supply quickly and efficiently.New connectionsNew connectionsMetering for businessesBusiness Energy Connections provides meter installations and supply contracts to new developments. New business connectionsNew business connectionsConnection servicesIf you’re branching out to another region of the country, planning new building construction projects or changing your energy needs on one of your existing sites, we can help make that process as simple as possible.Infrastructure for your businessInfrastructure for your business

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How to Make Successful Business Connections in Foreign Countries

If you’re looking to install a new business gas or electricity supply, or need a new meter, then look no further than British Gas. Our team of metering experts will organise every aspect of the installation process, including an energy supply tailored to your needs.

Building on their long standing commitment to covering stories relevant to SMEs, Business Connections is a member based website with dedicated SME content produced by the award-winning Business team at the London Evening Standard. A community of like-minded people, they present quarterly networking events with high profile speakers in central London. Annual membership is fantastic value at only £50, and includes access to exclusive content, Q&A’s with speakers, and top tips for SMEs. Members get free entry to events and can take a guest along to each one. For more information and to join Business Connections, visit

This one is easy to do but just as easy to forget. I shoot quick texts, emails, article or even a book over to people when I know it’s something they’re interested in. One of my favourite follow-ups is a personal handwritten note. I know this seems outdated now but I guarantee it makes a huge impression precisely because everything is so digital today.

We are four Christian businessmen working in Aberdeen’s corporate sector. Through our experiences of corporate life in Aberdeen, and the need to balance our own professional and personal lives, we have come to believe there is a real need for a charity committed to supporting individuals just like us. We come from different church backgrounds and different industries – but we all have the same passion. To help make a positive difference to our corporate culture in Aberdeen. We believe God has a heart for the broken and weary in Aberdeen’s corporate sector.

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As someone who travels occasionally from outside Aberdeen but with visibility across Scotland, it’s been a delight to see how TBC has grown over the last 18 months. Recently it was particularly encouraging to meet a number of people at the Ian Marchant event who evidently had no Christian connection at all but who were comfortable coming and enjoyed the event. When this is happening it’s clear that your aim of serving the business community, whatever their background is being delivered.I have made and followed up on several good connections formed at The Business Connection monthly events.I often receive great nuggets of information from either the people attending or the monthly speaker. I have also made some good connections and friends.I think it is an excellent initiative – and I commend everyone involved. Aberdeen is a pretty tough business environment at the moment and this support can only be beneficial.It’s a positive, encouraging and supportive space.  You guys are doing a great job!This is a unique group and I am really glad I have started attending. It is great to meet other Christians in a non-Church setting.  Speakers have been great.Great connections with other working professionals in Aberdeen City/area; very good topics for monthly Friday sessions.I found about Business Connection through Eventbrite. I had the chance to meet Pete and Valentine amazing people and with whom I’m going to move further on for my business. For me, it is an excellent opportunity to know organizational culture and how business are made in Aberdeen.Very welcoming and friendly. The monthly breakfasts in particular are very informative and relevant.It’s good to meet and share experiences in a friendly environment.I have been attending regularly now nearly 3 months. I was impressed that the business meetings set by Christians but anyone can attend. There is always some inspiration and encouragement for each other with opportunities for connecting and networking.  Monthly meetings with guests are also very good.PrevNext

I watched a number of shows, what sets it apart is it’s all about giving the best business advice to its viewers. I would recommend any entrepreneur who is starting up or growing a business to watch Business Connections Live. Click to Watch Reuben Reuben Singh CEO, AlldayPA

By the business community, for the business community see what we can do for you. Encouraging, equipping & empowering Aberdeen’s corporate sector see what we can do for you. Building connections across Aberdeen’s business community see what we can do for you.

Metering and connections open/close For business customers, we obtain a competitive quote for your meter install. We offer AMR as standard on electricity and can accommodate variations depending on your requirements. Energy supply contract open/close We can supply gas and electricity through a choice of contracts to meet your needs. Fixed or flexible, these can include a range of supporting features like matching your electricity supply with energy generated from renewable sources. Energy solutions open/close As well as your meter and supply, we can also offer other services – from online billing to a suite of energy management tools that help you track consumption and be more efficient. Dedicated project manager open/close An experienced contact will work with you and your client to keep you informed every step of the way, so each stage in the new connections process will be managed professionally and on time.

Customer feedback “The whole process was well organised and the communication was excellent” “Good response, attitude understanding. Found all quite helpful, doing what was promised, when it was promised. Highly professional at all levels.” “Helpful and professional staff, who know what they are talking about. The staff that I have interacted with always get back to me when they say they will, and if they cannot help me directly they pass me onto or give me details of someone who can.”


Business Connections 

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